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Coronary Artery Disease MCQ Quiz 2024

Coronary Artery Disease Quiz Coronary Artery Disease Quiz 1. What is the main cause of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)? a) Bacterial infection b) Viral infection c) Atherosclerosis d) Autoimmune disorder 2. Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for CAD? a) Hypertension b) Obesity c) Regular exercise d) Diabetes 3. What are the typical symptoms of CAD? a) Fever and cough b) Chest pain and discomfort c) Nausea and vomiting d) Dizziness and headache 4. How is CAD diagnosed?

Myocarditis MCQ Quiz Questions With Answers

Myocarditis Quiz Myocarditis Quiz 1. What is myocarditis? a) Lung disease b) Inflammation of the heart muscle c) Kidney infection d) Bone disorder 2. What can cause myocarditis? a) Excessive exercise only b) Bacterial or viral infections c) Lack of sleep d) Allergic reactions 3. What are common symptoms of myocarditis? a) Joint pain and stiffness b) Blurred vision c) Chest pain and shortness of breath d) Upset stomach 4. How is myocarditis diagnosed? a) Blood pressu

DHA Exam Guide: Navigating Success for Doctors and Nurses

DHA Exam Guide: Navigating Success for Doctors and Nurses Embarking on the journey to become a healthcare professional in the United Arab Emirates requires more than just academic prowess—it demands successful navigation through the rigorous DHA exams. Whether you are a doctor aspiring to practice in the UAE or a nurse looking to enhance your career, the DHA exams are a crucial step towards achieving your goals. 1. Introduction 1.1 The Importance of DHA Exams The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) exams serve as a benchmark for healthcare professionals, ensuring a high standard of knowledge and competence. Success in these exams opens doors to rewarding career opportunities in one of the most vibrant healthcare systems globally. 1.2 What is the DHA Exam? The DHA Exam is a comprehensive assessment designed to evaluate the competency of healthcare practitioners, including doctors and nurses, seeking to work in Dubai. It assesses theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and the ability to handl