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UTI Treatment MCQ Quiz 2024

UTI Treatment Quiz UTI Treatment Quiz 1. What does UTI stand for? a) Urinary Tract Inflammation b) Upper Throat Infection c) Urinary Tract Infection d) Upper Torso Irritation 2. What is the most common cause of UTIs? a) Fungal infections b) Viral infections c) Bacterial infections d) Parasitic infections 3. Which part of the urinary tract is commonly affected by UTIs? a) Kidneys b) Bladder c) Urethra d) All of the above 4. What are common symptoms of a UTI? a) Head

Dermatology MCQs 8 For USMLE PLAB DHA MOH Exams

Dermatology MCQs 8 For USMLE PLAB DHA MOH Exams

Dermatology MCQ 8 For USMLE PLAB DHA MOH Exams 

1. A 34-year-old female attends her GP concerned regarding a mole. Which of the following characteristics of the lesion would raise suspicion that it is a malignant melanoma?

A. Asymmetry ✅

B. Lesion is 5 mm in diameter

C. Uniform Pigmentation

D. Lesion is present on face

E. Lesion is smoothly raised

Question Explanation:

The mnemonic of ABCDE regarding characteristics of a melanoma are as follows:

A. Asymmetry one half of the lesion does not match the other half

B. Border irregularity

C. Colour variegation - pigmentation is not uniform

D. Diameter- a diameter 7 mm warrants investigation although changes in size are also important

E. Evolution - evolving size or changes in characteristics such as nodules

2. A 55 year old complains of a scaly and reddened rash on his skin. He noticed that this usually occurs after exposure to sunlight. He admits to recent weakness, diarrhea and weight loss. Examination is unremarkable except for a slight tremor. Which of the following vitamin is most likely to be deficient?

A. Nicotinic acid ✅

B. Vitamin B1

C. Vitamin B12

D. Folic acid

E. Vitamin B2

Question Explanation:

These features are typical of pellagra which is a clinical deficiency syndrome resulting in dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia and inflammation of the mucus membranes. Skin lesions typically appear in area exposed to light or trauma. Mental symptoms may include depression, irritability, anxiety, confusion, disorientation, delusions and hallucinations. Pellagra is caused by an inadequate diet and a deficiency of nicotinic acid. It is still seen occasionally with alcoholism, poor dietary intake in the elderly, and malabsorption. Dietary replacement clears the skin and other signs of the disease.

3. Which one of the following can cause exacerbation of porphyria cutanea tarda?

A. Phenobarbital. ✅

B. Aspirin.

C. Acetaminophen..

D. Chocolate.

E. Pollen.

Question Explanation:

Phenobarbital is a well known cause of exacerbation of porphyria cutanea tarda. The other agents are safe to use in this condition.

4. Which one of the following is the best documented risk factor for malignant melanoma?

A. Hodgkin's disease

B. Repeated sunburns as a child. ✅

C. Chronic eczema.

D. Ectopic dermatitis.

E. Basal cell carcinoma of the skin.

Question Explanation:

Multiple sunburns early in life are associated with an increased incidence of melanoma. The other conditions are not associated with melanoma.

5. Which of the following drug is NOT used in the management of psoriatic skin disease?

A. Oral prednisone.

B. Topical prednisone.

C. Cyclophosphamide. ✅


E. Methotrexate.

Question Explanation:

Cyclophosphamide is rarely used in psoriasis. Oral and topical prednisone both can be beneficial, as can psoralens UV light (PUVA) and methotrexate in very severe cases.




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